About Us

WBA is located in France and Germany,  And we have a London stock office.

Most of WBA items are purchased directly from WW2 veterans, Ex-Soviet Union Republics military stocks, theaters, privaye museums, from other dealers and collectors all over the world. We have valuable contacts in USA, Germany, UK, Finland, Russia, Belarus, Holland and France. Several trips are made around the world in hunting for new treasures! At the same time we find a lot of stuff at the old attics, farms and factories or buy from the old people at the flea markets.

WBA hopes to provide you with new and rare items, many of which have never before been in collector's hands.

On our website you can find the items like original uniform, headgear, steel helmets, equipment & awards, personal items, battlefield relics and may be the items you need for your collection. Also we offer some items for reenactors and post-1945 collectables. Our main interest and specialty has always been WW2 German and Russian militaria, but we always have a selection of other militaria on display, such as Imperial German militaria and Imperial Russian militaria.

We would like you to pay your attention to the fact that we live and work not the thousands miles from the battlefields of the WW2, but exactly at the places where the real WW2 actions were happening. It greatly helps us in the searching and buying the interesting and rare items of the War times. The results of our work you can see on this web site.

We are also a collectors of WW II uniforms, so when you deal with us, you deal with the collector who loves the subject and military history as much as you do.

We do not support any political ideas, and our collectibles and regalia is only for historical interest.