A Named Double Decal M35 SS Helmet Consignment Brent Saigon


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A Named Double Decal M35 SS Helmet Consignment Brent Saigon
Steel helmet, magnetic, original black painted exterior, the SS insignia on the right side, the Swastika insignia on the left side, both insignias with scuff marks and some paint loss. The inside comes complete with its original nine-panel blackened leather liner, stitched together at the rear, each panel with five ventilation holes, a reinforced hole on the end of each panel for the feeding of the drawstring, seven of the nine leather reinforcing rings intact, with a small piece of the original drawstring remaining attached to one panel, the rest of it having been lost to time. There is an owner's label stitched to the underside of the liner on the right side, inscribed "Schreiber, Kurt / SS-Pioniersturmb. Dresden". The leather chinstrap with aluminum buckles is affixed to the liner's steel frame, but the the middle part of the chinstrap has been severed, with only the riveted loop ends intact. The underside of the skirt is stamped "068" on the left side and "3831" at the rear. Measures 242 mm x 300 mm x 160 mm in height. Scuffed exterior with contact marks, all three bolt caps are loose, dabs of brown paint evident on the exterior and on the underside skirt at the front, crazed leather liner exhibiting extensive wear and causing separation in the leather at the right rear, in fine condition. (C:4)

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