Allgemeine SS Cuff Title for the Führer of 6th SS-Standarte; SS-RZM Tagged

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This is a mint high quality Allgemeine SS Ärmelband for the Führer of the 6. SS-Standarte; constructed of 2 mm wide machine embroidered aluminum bullion wire along the top and bottom of the cuff title; "6" embroidered in aluminum bullion in the centre; the rest constructed of high quality black cross-webbed cotton/rayon blended threading; tagged with two separate tags (one on each end) - 1) RZM-SS tag; stamped "212" and numbered "No. 011465". 2) RZM-SS tag; stamped 373 and numbered "No. 143375"; measuring 485 mm x 28 mm; mint unworn condition.

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