Army (Heer) M43 Tropical Artillery Enlisted Man’s Tunic

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Fabricated from an olive green cotton, with five vertically oriented pebbled metal buttons with a grey finish, and an equal number of button holes on the opposite side. It features matching tropical artillery enlisted man's slip-on style shoulder boards with bright red piping, and matching fabric collar tabs in greyish-blue fabric, with a tropical breast eagle constructed of matching blueish-grey and tropical-coloured BeVo style machine embroidery. The front has four pockets sewn in place, smaller ones on each breast and larger ones at the waist on both sides, each pocket with a fold over flap with a reinforced button hole and housing a silvered metal button with a pebbled upper. Inside, there is an deep narrow pocket sewn in place just inside the opening on the right side, the pocket with a small silvered zinc button and reinforced button hole. There are thick gray cotton straps sewn in place just below each armpit, each strap with seven reinforced eyelets, the bottom three eyelets of which line up with the eyelets on either side at the waist on the exterior. In addition, there is a loop sewn in place in the collar for hanging the tunic on a hook, the tunic with size and maker stamping, unfortunately illegible. In near mint condition.

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