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Mark : PLATTERHOF. "Men gott lieb bat läfft er fallen in,f Berchtefgad, ner Land" L.Banghofer. OBERSALZBERG

Mark behind : 3806

After the Nazis took over the Obersalzberg, the original Platterhof was remodeled, and a large multi-wing hotel erected around the original building, still known as the Platterhof. This was supposed to be a national people's hotel, where the common people of the Third Reich could stay when visiting their Führer, but in keeping with Martin Bormann's increased seclusion of the area around Hitler's Berghof, the Platterhof never served that purpose. Indeed, as with much of Bormann's other construction, it ended up being an expensive luxurious monument, totally unsuitable for the common people. Instead, it served high-ranking Nazi dignitaries and other important visitors. In 1943, necessities of war turned the Platterhof into a military hospital and rest home. The complex included a large multi-story garage building, with quarters on the upper floors for hotel staff.

The bombing attack of 25 April 1945 did considerable damage to the Platterhof. It was not destroyed, but it stood derelict for several years. However, it escaped the 1952 destruction of Nazi buildings, and was rebuilt and renovated by the U.S. Army as the Hotel General Walker, as part of the Armed Forces Recreation Center. After return to the German government in 1995 its fate was unclear, but it was torn down, along with the ruins of the garage, in 2000. Sadly, plundering such had not been seen since 1945 was allowed to happen. Some of the furnishings in the Platterhof were original to the wartime building (furniture, chandeliers, decorative fittings), and other original furnishings from the Kehlsteinhaus and other area buildings had been placed there by the AFRC. According to local sources, before the authorities knew what was happening, most of these priceless items were allegedly plundered by the demolition crews, and apparently little or nothing has been recovered.

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