Early ᛋᛋ numbered "33" Dagger & Hanger by HERDER


With SS numbers 237351. Complete with a vertical hanger with SS and RZM mark. All nickel fittings and black painted scabbard. However, at some time this dagger has obviously been kept in a damp environment. This has affected it in two ways. Whist the is no material missing the ebony grip has several hairline cracks running its length on both sides. The grip is fine and is in one complete piece, but it has obviously swollen and shrunk again. SS runes button is perfect, as is the nickel grip eagle. Both crossguard are solid nickel. Lower one is stamped with the Roman numeral 'I'. The blade is entirely complete, perhaps slightly blunt, but the surface is covered with small pitting spots. There is nothing deep. The blade has been cleaned and polished many years ago and actually has a decent finish to it. The SS motto is still quite deep and clear. The HERDER trademark is clear and deep on the reverse. Scabbard is damage and dent free. Has a good coating of black paint. Bottom chape is undamaged. There is a leather vertical hanger attached to the upper scabbbard ring.


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