Knights cross 2 to ᛋᛋ sturmbannfurher Franz Kleffner

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Knights cross 2 ,bought by Totenkopf sturmbannfurher commander of totenkopfs motor cycle battalion 'Thule' ,he won his knights cross during the demjansk fighting on the 19 th February 1942,this replacement or 'frontline' Knights cross stamped '800' 'L/12' (Junker), with '800' to the loop is engraved on the reverse 'Franz Kleffner RK 2 19.2.1942 ALS SS STUBAF U KDR KRADSCHUZEN BTL DER  ᛋᛋ TOTENKOPF DIV X? AK AOK 16 HEERES GRUPPE NORD OST FRONT . The cross shows both wear and rusting to both front and back, paint removed from swastika,silver frame and loop very good ,original thin with wear shortened floppy Knights cross ribbon,writing very small needing a jewellers eye glass to read,thus pictures aren't good enough to see supported by this site to accurately show the writing in detail ( please email so I can supply more detailed photos if interested), Kleffner was killed in March 1945 as ss obersturmbannfurher commander of totenkopfs pz grenadier reg 6 'theodore eicke'

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