Luftwaffe First Lieutenant Flight Instructor’s Evening Gala Uniform

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A Named Luftwaffe First Lieutenant Flight Instructor's Evening Gala Uniform

eMedals is pleased to offer this exceptionally well preserved, mostly unworn, and absolutely complete fine quality private purchase Luftwaffe Oberleutnant Fluglehrer evening gala uniform, consisting of a white formal shirt accompanied with a bowtie, pleated trousers, an inner and outer vest, as well as the gala tunic. The white formal overshirt is completely unworn, still with its original paper wrap, with "Ein Oberhemd - wie Sie es wünschen" (A dress shirt - as you want it) printed on the obverse in bright red and dark blue colours. The shirt is manufactured by Dornbusch, in fine quality flat cotton, with a diamond-patterned lightly textured obverse. The shirt is buttoned-up via two cream-coloured bakelite buttons on the outside, with an additional matching button on collar to ensure a snug fit. It is marked "38" for size and with the quality control number "VO467" on the inside of its slim cutaway collar. The shirt is accompanied by a white pre-tied gala bowtie, constructed of equally high quality diamond patterned lightly textured bow. Behind the bow, on the neck ribbon, are two small, flat, metal (magnetic) hooks, at allow the bow to be fastened to the shirt. On the reverse of the bowtie ribbon is a metal (magnetic) double-claw clasp for size adjustment with a sewn-on loop to secure the slack ribbon. The bowtie measures 108 mm x 54 mm, with the ribbon measuring a total of 470 mm. The trousers are constructed of extremely fine quality bluish-grey wool in a gabardine pattern. Along both sides of the outer pant legs is a 39 mm wide tress, constructed of extremely fine quality hand embroidered silver aluminum wire in an alternating cross-stitched and vertically stitched pattern. The tress is still covered with tan paper stitched into place using very thin string, to be removed by the purchaser. In place of a zipper, the front of these trousers feature four medium-sized bakelite buttons with matching buttonholes on the opposing side, as well as two additional buttons at the top, one of which faces towards the inside of the trousers, and two small buttons on the outside slightly offset to the right, with matching button-holes on a flap to further secure the trousers shut. The interior of the trousers are reinforced along the groin, as well as around the waste section, with an additional layer of cotton fabric. Towards the rear on the interior is a maker's label with "Justus Meyer Lübeck" embroidered into it with dark blue threads. The same label is also imprinted with "Herrn Ltn Kl. Lucas" and dated "6.5.1936". These trousers completely unworn, with very crisp folds, and measure 104.5 cm in total length, with a 74 cm inseam, and a 56 cm waist. The interior gala vest is constructed of matching bluish/grey wool on the front, and a cotton/rayon blended fabric on the reverse, with a slim collar around the opening with four diagonal-slit pockets (two on each side). The vest features five vertically oriented silver aluminum pebbled buttons with matching loop holes on the opposing side. The interior is lined with a silvery-grey cotton/rayon blended fabric. The exterior gala vest is constructed of white cotton. The front of the vest is diamond patterned, while the reverse and the interior is plain, without a pattern. Similarly to the interior vest, it features a slim collar around the opening with four diagonal-slit pockets (two on each side). The vest is also secured shut using five vertically oriented silver aluminum pebbled buttons with matching loop holes on the opposing side. The tunic is equally constructed of extremely high quality blue/grey wool in a gabardine pattern. It features a standard notch collar, without collar tabs, but with thick twisted and very fine quality silver aluminum wire piping along the outside edges of the upper collar. It is decorated with fine quality sew-on type russian-style shoulder boards constructed of multiple rows of twisted and U-shaped silver aluminum wire, with a gilded aluminum "L" cypher, signifying instructor, as well as a single gilded aluminum rank pip, signifying Oberleutnant, all on a lemon-yellow Waffenfarbe backer, signifying Flyer's/Aviators. The shoulder boards are firmly attached to the tunic, with all prongs of the cyphers and pips showing on the reverse. In total, this tunic is decorated with extremely well twelve preserved silvered pebbled aluminum buttons, all marked "Extra Fein" on the reverse. Two buttons hold the shoulder boards in place, two buttons connected via a 8 cm long chain secure the tunic closed, while the remaining eight buttons are purely decorative. Two small bakelite buttons hold the ceremonial lanyard in place, with one hidden under the right shoulder board, and the other behind the right collar flap. This tunic has no exterior pockets, and is relatively plain, only featuring two small vertically oriented loops on the left breast. Directly above it is a small medal ribbon bar, with ribbons for a Hindenburg Cross (with miniature, without swords), as well as a ribbon for an Iron Cross 1914 (with miniature), with a metal core, attached via a horizontal pin via two sewn-on loops. On the right breast is an officer's eagle, constructed of extremely fine quality twisted silver aluminum bullion embroidery with string accents for the wings and the eagle's body. The eagle is mounted on a matching grey-blue wool backer, measuring 8.7 cm x 4.3 cm. The aiguillette cord is constructed from fine aluminum bullion wire, divided into four sections; the first and second sections having a cord braided into multiple rows of loops, a thin wire loop attached to the ends of the braided portions, the extending ends of the cords on each terminating with 61 mm long silvered metal tips, the third section with a shorter looped cord with a braided sliding adjustment knot, the fourth section with a looped cord - all four cords joined at the end, mounted onto the uniform via two brown bakelite buttons. The interior of the tunic is lined with medium blue coloured rayon, with the sleeves lined with contrasting white rayon. It features a small horizontal-slit breast pocket built into the left breast, with a clothes-hanger loop on the back of the neck. It is completely unmarked and measures 41 cm across the shoulders, with a sleeve length of 60 cm, and a total length of 50 cm. Overall, this Luftwaffe gala uniform is exceptionally preserved. The dress shirt and bowtie are unworn, without mothing or other damage. The white gala vest is slightly soiled but without obvious signs of wear. The grey gala vest appears untouched. The trousers have suffered from light mothing, but are likewise completely unworn, without soiling of any kind. The tunic is likewise slightly moth-damaged from storage, with very minor soiling along the interior neck, but otherwise without obvious signs of wear or damage. Overall in near mint condition.

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