Luftwaffe Unteroffizier Signals Tunic with Visor Cap

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The tunic is fabricated from a fine blackish-blue wool. The shoulders are adorned with Corporal (Unteroffizier) shoulder straps, each strap incorporating a 9 mm wide strip of fine silvered wire threading, sewn in place via white threading upon a blackish-blue wool upper, the edges trimmed in brown cord piping indicating the branch to be Signals, with a hunter green wool underside, a button hole for uniform attachment at the neck end, each of the straps secured in place by a silvered aluminum button with a pebbled upper that is marked "EXTRA FEIN" (Extra Fine) on the reverse. The collar is trimmed in an angled brown embroidered cord beside a 9 mm wide strip of fine silvered wire threading, with both sides of the collar adorned with Flieger collar tabs, each of the tabs bearing a silvered stylized eagle on a brown wool field, the eagles secured in place on the underside of the collar via dual prongs, the brown again representing Signals. There is a Luftwaffe Grade Two marksmanship lanyard with award acorn on the left side, the lanyard with a silvered aluminum insignia illustrating an eagle within a wreath of oak leaves, the underlying base and the braided cord in navy blue embroidery interwoven with fine aluminum wire threading, slider knots in silvered aluminum wire at either end, the knot at the bottom with a silvered aluminum wire acorn attached, the lanyard with loops on both ends: the top loop attached to an off-white button on the right shoulder underneath the shoulder strap, the bottom loop attached to the top button at the front opening of the tunic. There are four pockets on the front, one on each breast and larger ones at the waist on both sides, each designed with a decorative pleat, with fold over flaps with reinforced button holes. Each of the buttons is marked with a stylized "A" (F.W. Assmann & Söhne, Lüdenscheid), the two breast pocket buttons are silvered aluminum with pebbled uppers and maker marked "ASSMANN & SÖHNE LÜDENSCHEID" on the reverse, while the two waist pocket buttons are silvered aluminum with pebbled uppers, housing a magnetic metal core and are marked "EXTRA FEIN" (Extra Fine) on the reverse. The right breast is enriched with a Luftwaffe eagle insignia in light gray on a bluish-gray wool field. Above the left breast pocket is a 18.5 mm x 30 mm ribbon bar with ribbons of two awards: the Luftwaffe Long Service Medal 3rd Class for Twelve Years' Service with eagle clasp and the Iron Cross 2nd Class 1939. The pleat on the left breast pocket has two vertically-aligned horizontal loops for the placement of an award that has since been lost to time. There is a black finished magnetic metal hook appearing above the left waist pocket. The front has a vertical row of four silvered aluminum buttons with pebbled uppers on the right side, each housing a magnetic metal core and are marked with an eagle, "19" and "M." on the reverse, facing an equal number of reinforced button holes on the left side. The sleeves have French cuffs, each held in place via stitching in two locations, while the rear of the tunic is single-vented. The inside is lined in a Prussian dark blue rayon, with a rayon lined pocket on the left breast, the sleeves lined in a white cotton-rayon blend in a stripped pattern. Stitched to the lining on either side at the waist is a Prussian dark blue rayon belt, the right end with a steel blue metal clip, the left end with a steel blue metal slotted receiver and when joined together, ensures a snug fit at the waist. There is a light brown cotton strap in the collar for hanging the tunic from a hook. Below the strap is an embroidered manufacturer's label illustrating a coat-of-arms and inscribed "Hanrath MÜNSTER i/W." The tunic measures 420 mm across the shoulders and 655 mm in length overall, exhibiting scattered interruptions in the rayon lining on the interior, with sunning of the lining from storage prevalent around the manufacturer's label, light soiling on the white cotton-rayon lining in the cuffs, the stitching on the seam just above the left side belt is coming away, otherwise, the stitching appears to be intact throughout, the tunic displaying a nice texture in the wool and quality workmanship. The visor cap is fabricated in Luftwaffeblue gray Fliegerblau (Flier's Blue) wool, with a wide black ribbed rayon cap band, traditional high peak with matching brown piping along the top edge and flanking either side of the band, indicative of the Signals (Air Communications) Corps. It is decorated with a well-detailed silvered aluminum Luftwaffe eagle insignia on the peak and an oak leaf wreath with stylized wings and cockade on the band, the latter in silvered aluminum with a red and black painted cockade and curved to fit the structure of the cap. The black smooth finished patent leather chin strap rests upon the visor, composed of three pieces, the central piece with two magnetic metal buckles and joined to the flanking end pieces via rectangular loops, the end pieces attached to black finished magnetic metal buttons on either side. The vulcanfibre visor has a smooth black leather-look upper and has a forest green synthetic underside. The inside of the cap has a light tan sweatband that is perforated along the front edge with five tiny rows of forty ventilation holes each, the ends of the sweatband pinned together where the ends meet at the left rear of the cap. The smooth-finished raw underside of the sweatband is stamped in black ink "Bl. Fl. Horst-Komp. I:G:" and date stamped in black ink "März 1937" (March 1937) on the rear. The inside of the cap is lined in a copper-coloured rayon, with the dome brandishing a celluloid moisture shield, marked in silver-coloured ink with the manufacturer's name on the nylon lining "CARL HALFAR UNIFORM-MÜTZENFABRIK BERLIN N.20 Prinzenallee 74" and size stamped "56" below the manufacturer's name, the owner's name sleeve on the moisture shield remaining empty. The cap measures 245 mm x 267 mm x 150 mm in height overall, exhibiting crazing on the leather chin strap, light crazing and edge wear evident on the vulcanfibre visor, the leather sweatband with extensive soiling from active use, the bottom tip of the moisture shield experiencing lost to time, the cap free of mothing and displaying a nice texture in the wool and quality workmanship. Near extremely fine.

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