M36 Infantry Obergefreiter (Senior Lance-Corporal) Enlisted

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An M36 Infantry Obergefreiter (Senior Lance-Corporal) Enlisted Man's Tunic
The tunic is fabricated from a coarse Army green wool, while the contrasting collar is in forest green wool, the underside of the collar in gray cotton. The shoulders are adorned with Infantry Enlisted Man's shoulder straps, the upper of each strap in forest green wool, trimmed in white piping and housing a dark gray zinc button with a pebbled upper in the reinforced button hole at the neck end, the underside in Army green wool, each board secured in place via straps that are gray cotton on one side and Army green wool on the other. Both sides of the collar at the opening have Infantry Enlisted Man's collar tabs in gray, moss green and white embroidery, on a forest green wool base. There is a single hook and eye at the opening of the collar, ensuring a snug fit at the neck line. There are four pockets on the front, one on each breast and larger ones at the waist on both sides, each designed with a decorative pleat and silvered aluminum buttons with pebbled uppers. The right breast above the pocket is enriched with an Army eagle insignia in gray and green embroidery. The left breast pocket has a row of two vertically-aligned horizontal loops on the pleat, flanked by a row of two vertically-aligned horizontal loops on the right side, in olive green threading, each for the placement of an award that have since been lost to time. The front has a vertical row of five silvered aluminum buttons with pebbled uppers, facing an equal number of reinforced button holes on the left side. Protruding from the second button hole from the top is the ribbon of the Iron Cross 2nd Class, the ends of the ribbon sewn in place on the underside of the opening. The sleeves have single-vented cuffs, each with a discreet gray plastic button securing the cuff closed, in addition to a decorative gray plastic button on the exterior of the right cuff, the left cuff missing its button. Sewn upon the right cuff is an Army Ordnance NCO (Waffenfeldwebel) trade badge, the insignia in yellow embroidery on a black wool base. The right shoulder is adorned with an Obergefreiter (Senior Lance-Corporal) rank insignia, incorporating two strips of fine silvered aluminum wire interlaced with white threading, in a chevron-formation, sewn upon an inverted triangular forest green wool base. The tunic is single-vented at the rear, with three stacked reinforced holes on either side at the waist, intended for belt support hooks. The inside is lined in brown cotton in selected locations, as per the design, with a single gray plastic button at the top, near the opening on both sides, plus a small button down pocket near the opening on the right side. The lining is stamped in black ink "Wernofeh" (WERkgemeinschaft der NOthilfe FEHrenbach = worker's cooperative) above a series of numbers "41, 46, 108, 68, 114, 61" and the code "E.38" near the opening on the right side. The tunic has a brown cotton strap in the collar for hanging the tunic on a hook and measures 440 mm across the shoulders and 590 mm in length overall. It exhibits repair in the green wool on the exterior, especially on the entire right front, the right armpit and on the rear, with scattered mothing, the interior lining showing wear and soiling from active use. As worn. (C:141)

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