M43 Field Cap (Einheitsfeldmutze M43)


Officer's M43 Field Cap (Einheitsfeldmutze M43) - This beautifully textured army green wool M43 field cap (Einheitsfeldmutze M43) has an embroidered silver Army eagle and cockade trapezoid sewn upon the front, complemented by silver bullion piping along the perimeter at the top. The skirt arms displaying the usual square ended pattern, secured with two silvered aluminum buttons, plus a reinforced visor. The interior comes with a brushed leather headband embossed with an octagon box at the front inscribed "QUALITATS MARKE". The dome is fabricated from a dark gray rayon and size stamped "57". The cap measures 180 mm x 280 mm x 130 mm in height, with minor fabric interruptions near the peak and light intermittent staining, especially under the brim and on the headband, quality stitching on all seams, maintaining its natural colour, in extremely fine condition.

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