Obergefreiter Panzer Uniform Named

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A Heer Obergefreiter Panzer Uniform Named to Obergefreiter Heinrich Möllers, Stab. II./Pz.-Rgt. 4

Includes tunic and pants. Tunic is fabricated from black wool, the shoulders adorned with shoulder straps that are sewn in place, the straps in black wool and trimmed in pink piping, with a reinforced button hole and a pebbled gray finished metal button at the shoulder end, each button magnetic, maker marked with the stylized Assmann "A" (F.W. Assmann & Söhne, Lüdenscheid) and marked "EXTRA FEIN" on the their reverses. There is a white embroidered Panzer breast eagle sewn in place on the right breast. Panzer collar tabs on both protruding collar ends, each is fabricated with black wool uppers and trimmed in pink piping, each with a magnetic silvered metal Panzer skull insignia affixed. The upper left sleeve has a fine silvered aluminum wire two stripe Obergefreiter rank chevron sewn in place. There are two small and three large buttons at the front on the far right side, the large ones facing an equal number of reinforced button holes at the left side opening, the smaller ones attaching to canvas loops on the inside of the tunic, the top small button being a replacement. There are magnetic field gray painted metal upward-pointing loops on either side at the waist for placement of a belt, the belt having been lost to time. Inside, there are gray cotton vertical panels extending from the armpits to the bottom seam, with two ties sewn at the midway point, each panel flanked by a narrow strip of gray cotton with large hooks. The right side with a top entry pocket sewn upon the vertical panel, with a white embroidered naming label screen-printed in black ink and sewn in place on the body of the tunic, inscribed "Heinrich Möllers Stab. II./Pz.-Rgt. 4". There is a side entry pocket on the left side panel, the left panel stamped in black ink at the top "Gebr. Betzich" (Gebrüder Betzich), "96" with "43" over "60" at the left, "66" at the right and "M 36" below. The tunic measures 400 mm across the shoulders x 520 mm in length, with wear and soiling present on both gray cotton vertical panels on the inside, and repair evident in the right armpit on the exterior. The pants are in black wool/cotton blend, with a four black plastic button fly, along with two larger black plastic buttons at the waist for a secure fit. All of the black plastic buttons on the pants are marked "H.J.-D.J." (Hitler Jugend - Deutsches Jungvolk = Hitler Youth - German Youth). It has four pockets: side-entry pockets on both sides on the front with two black plastic buttons flanking a single snap closure, along with top-entry pockets on the right and rear seats with black plastic buttons and button down flaps, all four pockets lined in light gray cotton. The rear comes with two adjustable buckles and straps, to aid in a snug fit at the waistline, along with two vertical straps with black plastic buttons for attachment to suspenders. The cuffs on the legs have black cotton ties, the ones on the left cuff having severely frayed, each cuff coming with a reinforced button hole. The waist area is lined with a 77 mm wide light gray cotton panel, with black plastic buttons flanking a gray rayon strap with snap closure on either side at the waist, the rear with a horizontal gray strap with a vertical suspending gray strap attached. The pants measure 380 mm in width x 1,070 mm in length, with soiling present on the gray cotton pockets and repair evident in numerous areas on the black wool. Near very fine.

Footnote: A Heer (Army) Obergefreiter was the German equivalent of a British Lance Corporal during the Second World War.

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