Obergefrieter (Leading Aircraftman) Luftwaffe Tunic

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An Obergefrieter (Leading Aircraftman) Luftwaffe Tunic; Dutch Volunteer
This tunic is untouched and remains in its true, unaltered state. The tunic is fabricated from a bluish-gray wool, the shoulders adorned with shoulder straps that are sewn in place, the straps in bluish-gray wool and trimmed in red piping, indicative of Flak/Ordnance, the straps with a reinforced button hole and a pebbled bluish-gray finished zinc button at the shoulder end, the buttons unmarked on their reverses. There is a white embroidered Luftwaffe breast eagle sewn in place on the right breast. Luftwaffe collar tabs on both collar ends, each is fabricated with red wool uppers indicative of Flak/Ordnance, each with three gilt aluminum stylized eagles, indicative of the rank of Obergefreiter, the eagles attached via intact prongs, with a small black plastic button on the underside of the right collar. The upper left sleeve has a fine silvered aluminum wire two stripe Obergefreiter rank chevron sewn in place. The upper right sleeve has a Dutch SS patch, composed of red and black wool forming an inverted triangular base, the Dutch SS insignia in the centre along with the trim on three sides in gold-coloured bullion wire. There are four large buttons surmounted by one small plastic button at the front on the right side, facing an equal number of reinforced button holes at the left side opening, the button holes discreetly hidden by a overlying flap, plus a snap closure near the bottom. The front has pockets on either side at the waist, each pocket with a flap with a reinforced button hole, the buttons on each pocket in bluish-gray finished zinc, each button marked on the reverse, the pockets lined in bluish-gray cotton. There are silvered aluminum upward-pointing loops on either side at the waist for placement of a belt, the belt having been lost to time. There is one small black plastic button on the left cuff, the right cuff button having been lost to time. Inside, there are bluish-gray cotton vertical panels extending from the armpits, with two narrow straps sewn in place that extend from the armpits and house aluminum hooks. Both sides with a top entry pocket just inside the opening, each with a button down tab and small black plastic button closure. The left pocket is stamped in black ink with an indecipherable mark followed by "KÖLN" (Cologne), above "L'BA 41" (Luftwaffe Bekleidungs Amt = Airforce Clothing Department), with a series of number stampings below with "102" in the centre surrounded by (clockwise from the upper left) "41, 47, 61, 68". Just below the right side pocket is a narrow and very deep pocket with a reinforced button hole and small black plastic button closure. The collar has a 90 mm long cotton strap for hanging the tunic on a hook, along with five small black plastic buttons spaced between the collar openings. The tunic measures 440 mm across the shoulders x 630 mm in length, with only the one button on the right cuff and waist belt missing from the original issue, scattered soiling on the elbow of the right sleeve, light wear evident on the cotton items on the inside, intact stitching, free of interruptions in the fabric overall. Extremely fine. (C:16)

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