Panzer Wrap for SS-Unterscharführer

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Waffen SS Panzer Wrap for SS-Unterscharführer-This is an earlier pattern SS issue wrapper having the slightly longer body and a center back seam as observed in examples made mid war and before. It is produced of very soft black wool that is excellent. There is ever so slight wear from use only. All of the original black bakelite buttons are present. The cuffs have two buttons each, one on each cuff is a replacement. The collar has rounded tips. The right side has a handsome machine embroidered off white over black badge cloth runic tab which has been hand applied. The black badge cloth rank tab has a single metal pip. It has also been hand applied. The slip on shoulder straps are produced in black badge cloth with matte silver tresse around all but the base. There is pink piping with field gray and rayon tongues. The rank is SS-Unterscharführer, or sergeant (lowest ranking NCO). The machine embroidered silvery grey over black SS sleeve eagle has been neatly applied in a zig zag stitch.

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