Partial Rohm inscription

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This dagger features a 217 mm nickel-plated steel blade, exhibiting moderate use and age. The obverse has a crisp "Alles Fur Deutschland" motto, while the reverse features partial Rohm inscription "In Herzlicher Freundschaft....." (In heartfelt comradeship). This dagger was authorized on December 1931 and became known as the "Rohm" dagger and has survived a purge of this version by Hitler. Maker marked on the ricasso CARL EICKHORN SOLINGEN, this good example exhibits a nickel crossguard, marked with an "Ns" (Niedersachsen) reflecting the location issuing code. The eagle insignia on the handle is highly detailed and sits upon a smooth, stained hardwood handle, with the SA crest emblazoned near the nickel pommel, and secured into place with a near pristine pommel nut. It should be noted that a small chip in the wood appears to the left of the crest where it butts the pommel. Nonetheless, this small blemish appear to be period and does not subtract from it's over all appearance. The scabbard is an early example of an anodized version, complete with nickel fittings at either end as well as a ball finial. The anodized exterior is heavily worn, with moderate denting in the chape and minor scratching on the chape and locket. It has a loop for dagger hanging, with an adjustable leather strap, showing cracking but remaining supple, along with the appropriate steel hardware. The attachment clip is stamped on the reverse DRGM. Although the dagger shows wear overall and the blade shows some signs of pitting and minor scratching, it is a prime example of quality German craftsmanship that remains in overall very fine condition.


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