Ultra Rare Close combat clasp in gold 'special grade'

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Sell with COA. The same was sold on Emedals at $34500... Ultra Rare Gold Presentation Close Combat Clasp - Type 2, Recessed catch; in gilded tombac, 95.92mm(w) x 24.66mm(h), weighs 30.5 grams, of top quality manufacture (by C.E. Juncker), in mint condition; extremely rare award, especially in this condition! Footnote: Manufactured by the C.E.Juncker firm of Berlin, the Gold Presentation Close Combat Clasp differs in several respects to the lower grades. Die forged from tombak, a yellow coloured alloy of copper and zinc; it was the only Close Combat Clasp not solely in zinc or aluminum. A small hook was added to the apex of the reverse, above the backplate, that helped keep the badgeflush to the recipient's chest, similar to many Kriegsmarine badges. The backplate was riveted securely inside the cutout of the reverse, eliminating the need for crimps or raised tabs for its attachment. using tombak as the base metal allowed the catch to be soldered firectly to the reverse of the clasp, elminating the need for a seperate catch plate. These presentation clasps were finished with golden/yellow fire gilding with burnishing to the high points of the obverse.

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