SA Early model 1939 "M7/66" by Carl Eickhorn with pink gold style

Épuisé COA

Sell with certificate of authenticity.

This Carl Eickhorn SA Dagger shows some age on the fittings but the blade is in good condition.

The crossguards are the nickel plated type. They have some mild lifting, especially on the lower guard. The upper guard is not too bad however, and the tang nut remains in nice condition.

The grip is an RZM type, in good/used condition with a high center ridge. The early nickel grip eagle is the rare pink gold style with a beak that points slightly upward.

The scabbard shell is straight throughout. It has original brown paint which does show age and wear. Overall I'd say this paint is about 95% intact. The original nickel plated scabbard mounts remain in good condition down through the lower ball. The plating does show freckling but it is all there. The dome head screws are in place.

As I mentioned above the blade is really a nice one. It remains bright and has most of the original crossgrain.

The strap is a reproduction.

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