Scharführer Rank Waffen-SS Panzer Tunic

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Germany, Waffen-SS. A Scharführer Rank Waffen-SS Panzer Tunic
(Waffen-SS Scharführer Uniformrock). Constructed of thick black wool. This tunic features a traditional single-notched collar, decorated with one collar tab each - the right tab constructed of black fabric with two SS runes embroidered on the obverse in off-gray machine embroidery. The left tab is equally constructed of black fabric, with a line of silver aluminum embroidered tress separated by a line of black embroidery running horizontally across the tab near the bottom, with a silvered aluminum rank pip attached in the center of the tab. On the left lower collar fold is a ribbon for an Iron Cross 1939 Second Class that is looped through the first button hole and sewn to the reverse. On the left chest are a set of four small blackened loops for the attachment of up to two awards. On both shoulders is a silvered pebbled zink button, marked "A&S", with a loop for the attachment of slip-on shoulder boards. The jacket has an opening in the front, separated by nine black bakelite buttons on the right side of the opening that are met by nine reinforced button holes on the opposing side. The right side of the sleeve is ordained by a Waffen-SS eagle, constructed of shiny gray machine embroidery on a black embroidered background. The interior of the tunic is unlined, with a reinforced right sleeve with a fabric dagger hanger. The left sleeve is equally reinforced and features a single pocket. It is marked "44 43 92 64 65" with a white stamp. It is small in size, in overall extremely fine condition.

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