SS Black Panzer Service Shirt

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A seldomly encountered and desirable SS shirt fabricated from a black cotton/rayon blend, integral straps with reinforced button holes on both shoulders, without buttons to secure them in position. The front has two pockets sewn in place, one on each breast, each pocket with a decorative pleat and fold over flap, both the pleat and flap with reinforced button holes, again, without buttons to secure them. The front has a vertical row of five black plastic buttons, along with an additional two black plastic buttons at the neck line, facing an equal number of reinforced button holes on the left side. Both cuffs are single-vented with reinforced button holes on either side and without attachments. Inside, there are four thick cotton straps sewn in place along the waist, one on either side at the front and two at the rear, each with reinforced slots at either end, the end of each strap that is attached to the shirt with its slot protruding through the body of the shirt. There are 12 mm wide cotton straps sewn in place on both sides, running from the collar to the top of the armpit. The collar has a white cotton maker's tag, screen printed in black ink "PATENT / UNIFORMMEND / HEMD 37 NORM" (Patent / Uniformmend / Shirt 37 Normal), with a production code at the upper right. The shirt measures 400 mm across the shoulders and 780 mm in length overall, exhibiting wear at the collar opening on the left side and exposing the underlying white cotton support, soiling evident in various places, with intact stitching. Better than very fine.

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