Waffen-SS M44 “Erbsenmuster” Pea-Pattern All-Season

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A Waffen-SS M44 "Erbsenmuster" Pea-Pattern All-Season Tunic
This is a well preserved battleworn Waffen-SS "Erbsenmuster" Pea-Pattern all-season tunic, issued to members of the SS to replace pullover camouflage smocks. It is constructed of Herringbone twill, and features dots consisting of three shades of green and two shades of brown. It features a standard notch collar and five pebbled zink buttons on the right flap, with an equal number of reinforced buttonholes on the opposing side. The tunic features a total of four exterior pockets, with two per side; one at breast height and one at waist height. Each pocket has a flap that extends over the opening, and is secured shut with a matching pebbled zink button. The interior is unlined, with the exception being around the armpits, where a silk-like fabric reinforces those areas prone to wear, in addition to reinforced belt keepers on either side of the tunic opening. The tunic features two holes on either side for a metal hook to be passed through the uniform to support a belt, but both the hooks and the belt have been lost through time. It is maker marked by the right interior armpit (illegible) and stamped with the numbers "45", "72", "90", "42", and "71", all in black ink. This Erbsenmuster tunic is well preserved, showing moderate wartime wear, as is apparent from soiling, wear-spots, as well as small holes. It is in overall better than very fine condition. (C:162)

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